Terms & Definitions

Bridge/ Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)

A cemented restoration made of Porcelain Fused to Metal, or for small bridges, All Ceramic, that replace one or more teeth .It is similar to a crown in that the adjacent teeth, to the missing tooth, is prepped, or cut down, to make room for the restoration to fit over the supporting teeth.

Composite Veneer

Restoration that covers over the front of a tooth that is broken or unsightly. It is made of tooth colored filling material, and then placed and contoured in one appointment. It is less expensive than a porcelain veneer, but will need to be replaced, in time, due to staining and discoloration that will occur.

Crown (PFM)

A porcelain fused to metal or All Ceramic restoration that cements over a tooth which has been reduced in size to permit the crown to fit. In layman terms it is also called a “Cap”.

Definitive Obturator

The final removable prosthesis which is used to restore speech and swallowing for a patient with a defect of the palate. It may or may not have denture teeth cured to it to replace any teeth lost during surgery.

Definitive/ Permanent Denture

The more expensive final denture which replaces all the teeth. It takes several appointments to fabricate.

Definitive/ Permanent Removable Partial Denture (d.RPD)

A removable partial prosthesis that replaces missing teeth and has a cast metal base.It fits with much more integrity than a temporary partial and requires several appointments to complete.

Facial Prosthesis

An acrylic or silicone rubber prosthesis used to replace missing parts of the face such as nose, ears, eyes etc. The prosthesis is sculpted and colored to match the patients. facial contours and color. It is retained by adhesive or implants.

Hybrid Prosthesis

A type of bridge that screws onto multiple implants to replace either, all the teeth, or a segment of missing teeth as well as missing alveolar, or “gum” tissue. It can be fabricated of denture teeth cured to a metal base, Zirconium (All Ceramic), or porcelain fused to metal.


A titanium screw which is placed into the bone of the upper or lower jaw to replace a tooth or teeth or to anchor a removable prosthesis. If a fixed restoration is desired, an abutment can be screwed into the implant and a crown or bridge fabricated to cement or screw onto the abutment.

Maxillary Stabilization Splint

An acrylic splint designed to provide perfect bite and guidance to diagnose and treat jaw joint problems, called Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD)

Occlusal Guard

Device designed to stop grinding and wear of teeth. It can be fabricated from soft rubber or acrylic.


A complete Denture that fits over retained teeth or implants to help support and retain them. This is a more stable prosthesis than a conventional Denture.

Porcelain Veneer

A thin shell of porcelain that cements onto a tooth that is broken or discolored. While more expensive than a composite veneer, it will not discolor. Unless it breaks or becomes uncemented and is lost, it will not need to be replaced.

Surgical Obturator

An acrylic prosthesis used by the Surgeon to close a defect of the palate so the patient can speak and swallow after surgery.

Transitional Obturator

A prosthesis made to serve the patient during the healing phase after surgery to remove all or part of a patients maxilla.

Transitional/Temporary Removable Partial Denture (TRPD)

An all acrylic, removable prosthesis that replaces the teeth or tooth that is missing. It is not intended to a permanent replacement.

Comprehensive Care Instructions

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Cleaning Maxillary Defect

Obturator Healing & Cleaning

Denture Care

Facial Prosthesis Care


Xerostomia (Dry Mouth)

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